Crime Victims Memorial [St. Joseph, MO] : the design concept for the Crime Victims Memorial calls for a new outdoor plaza located along, and spanning, the main entry walk on the east side of the Buchanan County Courthouse. This location will complement the courthouse and recognize its important role in the criminal justice system. It will also subtly engage visitors using this walkway to access the courthouse. We envision this memorial as an inviting, thought-provoking, and comfortable place for individuals to gather, relax and reflect. It will also accommodate larger gatherings and events.

The centerpiece of the memorial is a steel sculpture titled The Human Signature. This sculpture abstractly represents the human fingerprint, which symbolizes the personal connection to every crime…each person and each crime has its own identity. The fingerprint also offers other symbology. It is often the clue criminals leave behind, and hence, a critical element in solving crimes. On another level, it represents the lasting impact crime can have on an individual, their family and friends, and their community.

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