The InterUrban ArtHouse [Overland Park, KS] : Located west of the future InterUrban ArtHouse, the 12,000sf sculpture garden aims to be a dynamic, flexible exterior space for artists, patrons, and the greater community to experience. The style and organizational pattern of the garden is inspired and abstracted from the art of Piet Mondrian. The garden design combines simple geometry, strong lines, and bold patterning to provide places for sculpture display, spaces for gathering, and opportunities to circulate and pause. The sculpture garden contains a number of two and three-dimensional elements. The elements of the space are as follows: 

  • The Exhibition Green - the largest turf area, which will provide space for weddings, musical performances, temporary sculpture installations, and informal gatherings.
  • The Canvas Green - located at the north-half of the garden, this area is defined as smaller outdoor rooms to display a range of sculptures.
  • Pergola - this element borders the garden at the west and north ends and will provide spatial definition and refuge from the sun. The top plane of the pergola will contain a geometric pattern to relate to the overall design concept.
  • Amphitheater - comfortable, grand turf steps will transition from the existing dock area down to the Exhibition Green, serving as a functional and integrated amphitheater.
  • Art Wall & Art Walk - in an effort to maximize areas for sculpture and art display, an Art Walk will unify the north and south halves of the garden. Additional opportunities for art and sculpture will be displayed on walls throughout the garden (murals, sculpture, graffiti).

Sustainability will be achieved through the use of stormwater bioretention, solar elements, and indigenous plant materials.

Project Team
Hollis + Miller  /  PLAID collaborative