We draw!

If you are a designer of any sort, you must draw.  Architects, graphic designers, interior designers, heck, even engineers...you must draw.  Not with a mouse, but with a pen or a pencil or even a nubby Crayon from your child's toybox.  It's easy to get zoned out behind the buzzing glare of a computer screen and drool over the keyboard as you fiddle with Photoshop layers or AutoCad commands or text boxes in Indesign.  Keep your mind sharp and continue to hone your hand graphics by sketching, drawing, doodling, or scribbling.  Draw architectural details or pastoral landscapes or even whimsical cartoons [see below]. Regardless of the subject, just draw.  Check out our sketchbook to find out what we have sketched and revisit to see updates.  We try to convey emotion, intent, or character of a certain place, person or design concept by the way we apply pen to paper.  So, a challenge for you: power-down your computer for 15 minutes today and draw something...do it.  Now.  Go draw!