The Hope Center

We were happy to help out our friends at The Hope Center this past fall by creating a new "front yard" design for their campus.  This is a great organization that has been doing a lot of good for years in a forgotten urban community in Kansas City.  To find out more information or to get involved with The Hope Center and its programs, visit their website.  

Our goal going into the design was to improve the overall aesthetic and visually link the school and church with a unified materials palette.  New signage, a whimsical guardrail system, specialty paving, and plantings will promote an overall welcoming appearance.  

The first phase of the design could not have been implemented without the generosity of Loma Vista Nursery.  The folks at Loma Vista were eager to partner with The Hope Center by providing high quality plant stock for this initial phase of the project.  

We are looking forward to watching this organization continue to thrive and we hope the beginning stages of their campus improvements are well-received by the Hope Center kids, their families, and the community.