Multi-Improvements for Multi-Family

Apartment complexes developed in the 1950s, 60s and 70s are present in many suburban communities. In their time, they were attractive and desirable living options. Fast-forward to today…age and minimal maintenance have taken a toll on many of these developments…they’re now a bit ‘long in the tooth.’ Vacancies are up, lease rates are down, and community perception is greatly eroded.  

Sundance Bay is a Salt Lake City-based real estate company that specializes in the acquisition, renovation, and management of multi-family housing developments. Their goals are to improve the communities in which they work while generating favorable returns on their investments. PLAID has collaborated with Sundance, and three outstanding Kansas City-based architects (el dorado, Gould Evans, and DRAW), on three local renovation projects

For each project, the architect provided design solutions that dramatically enhanced the visual character and curb appeal of the buildings, and improved the condition and function of the apartment units and interior spaces. Concurrently, PLAID prepared a series of recommendations for site improvements that upgraded the overall campus, enhanced outdoor spaces, and created dynamic outdoor clubhouse environments. 

Sundance saw potential where others saw problems. Their vision and investment, combined with the design team’s innovative thinking, resulted in three multi-family housing developments that are now up-to-date, in demand, and an asset to their communities.