Old & New

We are not historians, archivists, or seekers of the next buried time capsule. We are modern-day designers, equipped with the knowledge of the latest technologies, gadgets, and trends. As 2016 begins to settle-in with the promise and hope inherent with a new year, here at PLAID collaborative, we have our eyes on exciting prospects and new projects.   Although "new" is a tantalizing descriptor, we first must understand, and appreciate, the "old". 

Research is a vital first-step in our design process, which means perusing old text, imagery, or databases.  Some projects may warrant an exhaustive investigation while others may not have much of a compelling story to tell. Often times, our research inspires our designs and concepts. Sometimes, though, it's just good to have a thorough understanding of the project. During the research phase, we explore:

  • The physical history of the site
  • People that may have influenced the existing project site
  • Development patterns, architecture styles, and/or art trends of a particular era
  • Natural systems
  • Notable quips, headlines, or stories that may have affected the project
  • Background of a company, town, city, or other municipality 

We love history. We love uncovering the past in hopes to inform the present and shape the future. There is a certain sense of re-discovery and romance when we learn about forgotten people or details.  Understanding history and context helps us, our teams, and our clients fully understand the opportunities inherent with each new project. 

With reverence to the old, happy new year from PLAID collaborative.